STORM OnTank is the first regulator designed specifically for airsoft. With ultra-fast recharge rate at both high and low pressure, the STORM regulator is the perfect companion to our HPA engines! It is

extremely low-profile and has a convenient zip-tie tournament lock for fields.


  • Pressure Range: 40-140
  • Compatible with SLP and HPA tanks
  • Not rated for use with CO2 tanks
  • Universal gun compatibility
  • Sleeve style tournament lock
  • Recommended for any HPA gun


The second piece of the STORM Regulator saga is a version that can be mounted in the grip of standard M4 guns. Moving the regulator closer to the gun results in an even faster recharge rate and the ability to effectively use C02! C02 is a less-expensive alternative to HPA and provides approximately 3x more shots per tank.


  • Compatible Tanks: HPA, SLP, and CO2
  • Pressure Range: 40-140 PSI
  • CO2 Compatibility: Yes
  • Gun Compatibility: most M4 style guns
  • Tournament Lock: Tamper Tape
  • Number of Ports: N/A

High Pressure

The third piece of the STORM regulator saga is an adaptation of our STORM OnTank regulator, this version was designed with the BOLT in mind. With a pressure range of 60-200 PSI and it’s compact design, it is a perfect fit. It can be mounted on either an HPA or SLP tank. It can also be coupled with our CO2 adapter for use with 12 gram CO2 cartridges. It can then be mounted in the stock of some VSR rifles or on the side.


  • Compatible Tanks:  HPA and SLP tanks
  • Pressure Range: 60-180 PSI
  • CO2 Compatibility: Only with our adapter
  • Gun Compatibility: Universal
  • Tournament Lock: Sleeve style
  • Number of Ports: 2

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